The Bear Barbell Complex

by Kilo on May 3, 2011

I recently got to see this firsthand in a local Crossfit Gym. The bear barbell complex (by complex, it simply means that you string movements together without putting the bar down during the transitions)  is some nasty business.

The weight’s not that heavy, but it doesn’t matter. Here’s the sequence:

I’ve done some looking and there are a lot of different variations of the bear, with different rest intervals, rep schemes, and how often you’re allowed to put the bar down.

In the Bear WOD that I was watching, they would get 7 reps of every single step of the complex before setting the bar down. That was one round and they went for at least five. It was easy to sympathize with the men, many of whom chose to put “only” 85 pounds on the bar.

There were some quivering lips and freaked-out faces, believe you me. I was able to observe it all from the squat rack in the corner, where I was taking it relatively easy:)


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Patrick Tracy May 3, 2011 at 2:57 pm

I got a quivering lip just watching. My hat is off to anyone who completes that one.


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