Aneta Florczyk – One Strong Woman

by Kilo on May 11, 2011

Aneta Florczyk is one strong woman. One of the first videos I ever saw of her was this first one in which she rolls up a bunch of frying pans in one minute.

Adam Glass once told me that one of the reasons he quit rolling pans was that the weaves were very inconsistent. In other words, you couldn’t count on the amount of resistance–maybe it would be so easy that the feat would be less impressive than it looked. Or maybe it would be so challenging that it could potentially screw him up during a show.

Whatever the weave or the pan strength, here is Aneta deadlifting 250 kg.

She won many lifting awards in Poland before moving on to strongman training. I doubt her dates ever had to worry about her father in order to behave like gentlemen.


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