Amazing Feats of Strength Compilation

by Kilo on May 12, 2011

There is some pretty impressive stuff going on here. Big back squats, bench presses, stone lifting, deadlifting (including konstantinov, one of my favorites who manages to make everything look so easy he’s almost bored), and more.

And I never get tired of watching the Olympic lifts. I think part of it is that the athletes look athletic, to be redundant, but not many of them look like absolute monsters. Many of them remind me of the builds of football running backs.

And I’ll go on record here as saying the barbell snatch is a lift that I can’t do confidently. I’m a weenie. I’ve tried it with 115 and I just cannot get used to that much weight moving that fast and trying to stick the landing at the top.

My limited shoulder mobility doesn’t make it any easier, but that’s a lame excuse.

Amazing strength.


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