Thrusters With 175

by Kilo on May 31, 2011

The exercise known as the thruster is a clean, a front squat, and then, as you push up out of the front squat, you put the barbell overhead with your leg drive and whatever pressing you have left once you get there.

It’s not really an explosive movement, as coming up out of the hole at the bottom doesn’t really make the press that much easier at the top, but it does allow for more weight than I am able to strict press.

That said, I hate thrusters. I think it has the potential to be a great movement for anyone who can do it painlessly, but I’m not that guy. They just don’t feel good for me, and the main reason is that my wrist flexibility is crap. When I front squat I cross my arms and hold the barbell in the shoulder girdle.

I love to clean, squat, and press, but string them all together and I’m no good. So, in lieu of watching me do a thruster, here’s a guy working with 175 in a Crossfit gym. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone doing thrusters outside of a CF gym.

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