“Perfect” Pushups?

by patrick tracy on June 7, 2011

Do “Perfect Pushups” with Cinderblocks from Patrick Tracy on Vimeo.

There are a bunch of shiny products on the market that purport to allow one to achieve some new level of pushup excellence. They range from the actual Perfect Pushup handles to a variety of risers that you can use to avoid putting your hands on the ground. Many chinup bars come with some form of these as well.

All of them arise from a good idea. The pushup is a great exercise, but it has a limited range of motion, and it can be hard on your wrists if you have beaten them up and lost some flexibility, or if you’re really going to pour on the reps.

The first pushup variation that I saw that really addressed this issue was the three chairs pushup. That’s just like it sounds. You have three sturdy chairs, and your hands grip the seats while your feet are propped on the third one. Poof. You have as much range of motion as you can imagine.

But we don’t always have access to three chairs, especially sturdy ones. A few years ago, I began working out with a variety of improvised implements, among them, cinderblocks. I quickly found that ‘blocks could be used to do a variety of things, including some neat pushup variations. Many of them are demonstrated in the video above.

…and yes, I know that I am not a fitness model. Strength ain’t always pretty.

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