Girevoy Sport Rankings

by Kilo on June 6, 2011

I’ve been toying with the idea of jumping into the Girevoy Sport rankings. Climbing the ladder is, uh…not easy. If you’re curious, here are the rankings.

It breaks down into weight classes (I’ll always be in the heaviest class unless they make some drastic changes) and the weight of the kettlebells used for each ranking.

So for the jerk and snatch total, if I wanted to achieve Rank IV I would use a 12 kilo kettlebell for the snatch and two 12 kilo bells for the jerk and long cycle portions.

This would require:

  • 78 jerks with doubles in 10 minutes
  • 75 snatches per hand in 10 minutes with one hand switch (one bell only)
  • 69 clean and jerks with doubles for the long cycle clean and jerk portion

That’s it. Pretty simple stuff, but it’s a serious work load.

How I will train

Specifics first, so to get better at the jerk, the snatch, and LCCJ I will have to do those events as often as they test well and feel strong.

I’ll also break the tasks up into components. This could mean using lighter or heavier weights during a given session, working for more or less time without putting the bells down, varying speeds, or dividing up the components of the movements themselves. For instance, if cleans tested well but jerks did not, I would just train cleans.

I’m going to try and be realistic and achieve my IV rank with the 12kg bells before I try to go heavier. I will train with heavier weights, but I’m not in such a rush that I feel the need to try to skip steps in the progression.

I think I will be able to attain this by November of this year. That’s my hope.

I have heard that the training is extremely boring. I can’t stand being bored, so I’ll be doing other things while I train for the events.

Anyone care to join me on a highly informal quest?


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Patrick Tracy June 6, 2011 at 5:14 pm


Sounds to regimented for my taste. Still and all, I respect what the GS guys do. At your height, the distance you’re moving those ‘bells is pretty amazing. That’s a lot of work.


Kilo June 7, 2011 at 10:16 am

It’s not going to be that regimented. That’s the appeal of this challenge to me. Find out if you can do it more casually while still getting distracted by every heavy object in sight.


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