Fat Bar Grip Circuit

by Kilo on June 9, 2011

This is Martin Rooney and Max Belpusi from Guerilla Fitness in Padova, Italy, demonstrating a fat bar and a circuit for grip work.

Submit Strength Thick Barbell

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A fat bar is just a barbell with a thicker diameter. I’ve seen everything from 2″ to 3.5″ inches, but unless your hands are freakish and unseemly, a 3.5″ bar ceases to be a grip tool. The best most people could do (I include myself) with it is some sort of balancing act–it’s just to wide to grip firmly.

This bar they’re using is pretty short. I have a 7 foot thick bar from Submit Strength Equipment that weighs 75 lbs. It’s the same size as Apollon’s Axle from Ironmind, but that bar is significantly lighter.

My fat barbell is my favorite piece of equipment outside of my squat rack. You truly have to try one to appreciate how much more strength is required to do movements like the deadlift or clean, even with significantly lighter weights.

For instance, my best deadlift is 560 lbs. I can just barely pull 340 on the thick bar. I just can’t hold on to it right now if it gets any heavier. And a fast movement like the clean that begins with an explosion…forget it (talking to myself). I haven’t been able to clean more than 185 with the thick bar.

Fat bars are an awesome tool, highly recommended.


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