A Rather Poor Zercher Squat Tutorial

by Kilo on July 12, 2011

Adam Glass posted this on Facebook today and I can’t seem to stop watching it. How to do a zercher squat, perhaps better known as “This is the worst possible way to do anything to do with a zercher squat.”

In fairness, this is not really what Crossfit is about, although I’m delighted that this hardcore gentleman is in a CF gym. I’ve seen things just as silly in the Crossfit gym where I taught.

I love the music in the video, the outfit, the fact that he seems to be putting on more lifting chalk with each attempt, and the fact that he tries three times!

For anyone trying to get into Zercher’s: start slow, start light. Don’t throw on, oh, 8 or 9 plates the first time out. It’s an unusual movement at first, and having the weight supported out in front on your elbows takes some getting used to. I don’t think anyone told this fellow that he was allowed to start with lighter weights.

This seriously made my day.


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Patrick Tracy July 12, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Wow. I’m surprised he wasn’t seriously hurt. I thought that I’d done some dumb things in the gym, but that…is in a whole different category. Really? 4 plate/side? How did he imagine that he’d get a successful rep out of that? I mean, that’s the sort of weight that you’d use for training to carry the Pen Slab. Jeesh. At least he could have been inside a power rack, where he could fail somewhat gracefully. That, and it appeared that he was in sandals. I’m shocked that no one interceded and told him in unequivocal terms to stop.


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