Crossfit Filthy Fifty WOD

by Kilo on July 13, 2011

So far I’ve written about Crossfit Helen and Fran. I’m going to keep going with the WODs (workouts of the day, in CF lingo) and try to profile as many as I can find good videos for.

Today it’s the Filthy Fifty workout. The name made me laugh when I saw it because in my High School basketball days the most dreaded conditioning session we did was called Dirty Thirty.

Well, it had nothing on this. Here are the movements and reps:

50 box jumps to a 24″ box

Just like it sounds. Jump up, get both feet on the box, jump back down.

50 jumping pullups

This is just jumping to grasp the bar and using the momentum of the jump to take some of the resistance off the pull. 50 pullups otherwise would take quite a while for most people.

50 kettlebell swings with 1 pood kettlebell (roughly 35 lbs)

Swing the bell back through the legs, pop it up with the hap snap on the reverse. In the gym where I train I have seen this workout performed with swings roughly to chest level, but also overhead, which they refer to as the American, or the CF swing.

50 walking lunges

Probably self explanatory.

50 knees to elbows

50 Push press, 45 pounds

This is an overhead barbell press that begins with a dip of the legs. You get to propel the barbell overhead without the requirement to press it strictly. When I tried this workout, 45 lbs was more than enough at this point.

50 Back extensions

Can be performed on a machine, a Swiss ball, or as a superman (Just lying on your stomach and raising your feet and hands by arching your back slightly–I usually saw this when space was in an issue or with clients needing a scaled down version of the full back extension)

50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Hold a 20 lb medicine ball. Squat to depth, come up, and throw the ball against the wall at a determined point on the wall above you.

50 Burpees

My least favorite exercise of all time.
50 Double unders

Skipping rope. A double under is when the rope passed under the feet twice per jump.

I’ve done a little digging and times for the Filthy Fifty WOD seem to range between 18-35 minutes and then above for slower fellows like me.

A nasty bit of fitness.


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gym.hodgson - Homemadegymstuff July 13, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Hey K – isn’t 1pood = 16kg (approx. 36lbs)? and is the ‘overhead swing’ really any better than shoulder level swings – or does it just serve to give more rest ‘time’



Kilo July 13, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Crap! Not only are you right, I’ve actually written about pood conversions before:

As far as the overhead swing being “better.” I don’t know. It’s different. CF says it allows you to do more work since you move it farther, but it also comes at the cost of the lats disengaging once I get my arms above parallel. I do not personally swing above chest height. And I’m usually doing much heavier swings on a Plateau Buster, so a lot of my swings are low-rep, navel-height affairs.

One thing I know: Crossfit probably isn’t using it to “rest!”


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