Rafael Nadal Training Program

by Kilo on July 27, 2011

In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Nadal, he is a very, very good tennis player. (understatement). Take a look at the video below, which features a bit of the Rafael Nadal Training program.

Reading through the comments, I was unsurprised to find lots of statements like “Wow, if he actually did some strength training, he could be even better.” Statements like this are invariably made by people who have not actually played against Nadal in competition. I doubt many of his opponents think he should spend more time on the big three, or trying to get into the 1000 lb club.

That said, I was very interested to see the things he was working on that didn’t actually involve having a tennis racket in his hand.


Rafael Nadal, not looking for unsolicited advice

Lots of band rotations, isometrics, bilateral static and dynamics, and a lot of scapular pushups and pullups. It’s easy for anyone not competing at an elite level (read, just about all of us) to think we know what someone “should” be doing in their training. But the more I ready about and study pro athletes, the more obvious it becomes that they are not interested in doing things that do not make them better at their specific sport.

Adding anything else could be to the athlete’s detriment.

Note: I know almost nothing about tennis.



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