Dexter Jackson, Hard Workout

by Kilo on July 27, 2011

A hard workout with Dexter Jackson.

I first saw Dexter in an issue of Muscle And Fitness. He was on every other page in the ads, just like most of the crew from Team Muscletech.

He’s a big man, of course. He’s only listed as 5’6″ tall, but walks around between 230 and 235 pounds, according to his page on He competes at 215.

In 2008 he won the Mr. Olympia away from Jay Cutler, who promptly went on to win it back the next year. To give you an idea of the size difference, I see Cutler listed as both 5’9″ and 5’10″ on a couple of different sites, but his off-season weight is listed as 290, while he competes in the mid 260s.

That is a lot of weight for men of this height. Lots of muscle. I’m 6’8″ and I’m a lean 250 right now. I look fit, but you’d never mistake me for even an amateur bodybuilder.

Maybe it’s because I don’t work out quite as hard as Dexter Jackson.



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Patrick Tracy August 3, 2011 at 1:52 pm


At your height, you’d have to be pushing 400 to look as muscular as the competitive bodybuilders today. Even back in the early nineties, when Lou Ferrigno came back, he couldn’t match the shorter guys. He was 317 or so in ’93, and though he looked (and was) absolutely immense, he couldn’t match them for muscle density, especially in the legs, at 6’5″.

On the upside, some very tall guys are doing well in Strongman of late.


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