Wrist Roller Hell

by Kilo on August 5, 2011

This is my buddy Mike Rinderle, grip athlete extraordinaire, at the US Gripsport Nationals from 2011. Mike is shown competing here in the wrist roller event.

A 100 lb sled is attached to a 60 foot cord. The sled rests on on asphalt parking lot with a “mild incline,” according to Adam Glass’s recap on his blog. The other end of the cord is attached to the pipe you see in the video. The winner was the athlete who dragged the sled the farthest in one minute.

Looks painful, sounds painful. I’m not positive how thick the pipe they’re rolling with is.

Also at the competition, and seen in the video, are Adam T. Glass and Jedd Johnson, who holds the pinch record right now.

Andrew Durniat, who I will be posting another video of soon, won the competition.


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