Parkour Tutorial For Beginners – Rolling and Diving

by Kilo on August 20, 2011

While looking for a Parkour tutorial, I was expecting to find someone jumping right into the “basics” of running up and down buildings while chasing a villain like the opening scene in the remake of Casino Royale.

It had never occurred to me to wonder what the fundamentals of freestyle running might actually be. According to this tutorial by Ryan Doyle, as far as Parkour training exercises go, you’ve got to learn to fall before you learn to dive, run along walls, somersault off of tall buildings, and chase villains.

Makes sense. I can only guess at the amount of falling that you have to do, and the amount of injuries that have to be suffered, to be able to make Parkour look smooth and easy like the masters.

Re: injuries, I’m curious, but I’m too chicken to Google freestyle running accidents, so my imagination will have to suffice. I’m sure there are plenty of Parkour tutorials that comprise nothing but horror stories and tales of “And here’s how I learned not to do X.”

Do any of you have any experience with this? I actually do practice rolling and falling quite a bit for other reasons, but I’m not much of a runner.


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John Sifferman August 22, 2011 at 5:30 am

I spent 5 days at a MovNat seminar in 2009, but we didn’t actually cover rolling during the event – lot’s of other fun stuff, though! I learned to roll a few years ago, but not nearly to the skill of some of those Parkour guys. There is definitely a risk involved, but every skill can be broken down to rudimentary levels and built up from there. Someone who has never tried it before can begin the movement from a kneeling position, and enlist a partner for support, if needed.


Patrick Tracy August 23, 2011 at 6:40 pm

I can’t tell you how often you use that roll during football. The real trick is to keep the tuck after you’ve just taken a hit that makes your contacts pop out.


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