Test Your Might! Mortal Kombat Strength Challenge

by Kilo on August 29, 2011

I spent far, far too much time playing Mortal Kombat when it came out. In the arcade, at home on the Super Nintendo, anywhere and everywhere that I could get it. I thought I was  reaching to tie this one into a strength training fan site, but then I remembered the Test Your Might! challenges.

After you had beaten a certain amount of competitors in the progression you would be taken to a stack of boards, or metal, or bricks, or whatever. Then you would pound the buttons feverishly so that your guy would finally hyperventilate enough to pound his fist through a stack of whatever the challenge put before you.

Now this has me thinking of the strongest video game characters. Maybe I’ll have to start pulling that list together.

Have any of you ever done any board breaking? Bricks? How hard is it? What’s the secret?

Test your strength!


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