Some Scary Clean and Jerks

by Kilo on December 9, 2011

I saw this video posted by about a zillion people today on Facebook. I would agree with those who said that this form is not Crossfit specific–and that Crossfit itself is not to blame for what is happening here.

Others disagree. For instance, I first saw it posted by John Sifferman from Physical Living¬†under the title “Crossfit at its Worst.”

I’ve been fortunate to know many Crossfit coaches who are able to coach micro and macro movements with great skill and with each individual lifter’s build and history in mind. They’re not in this room, however.

It definitely changes things when you start working with an axle in a fast movement like the clean, but not this much. Plenty of complicated movements look ugly at first, but there’s never any need for it to look this bad, in my opinion.

If you go to youtube to see view it, take a look at the discrepancy between likes and dislikes. Good grief!

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Patrick M. Tracy December 9, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Apparently, using a rational amount of weight while learning a movement is not a concept these folks have encountered. Sheesh. I would venture further, and put my opinion in that the axle clean isn’t really an ideal lift for a beginner. The girl in blue…was just lucky not to drop the weight on her head (about three different times). Yikes.


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