6 Lessons on Strength, Weight Training, and Life, Learned From Conan The Barbarian

by Kilo on July 12, 2010

bodybuilding weight trainingThis is a guest post from Sean Geddes, Ironman athlete. Sean’s a good man to have around if you like kettlebells, endurance training, or awesomeness.

6. Get strong

Wheel of pain followed by kicking ass in the pit. Enough said. Did you see any of the other guys get set free at the end? Didn’t think so. Being strong is awesome. Get some weight training equipment, find some workout routines, and get going.

5. Arm yourself

After being set free from years of slavery, what would be the first thing you do? If you were smart enough to learn from Conan, it’d be run until you get yourself a sword and then kill anything that threatens you. You might also do a few million bicep curls. Also known as the strength to “crush your enemies.” Oh yeah.

4. Surround yourself with allies

After killing everyone who was around, Conan spared a life. Thus he began to get people around him who would follow him to their grave. Going it alone sucks, and having allies helps you not get killed, or be deemed a lone idiot when you do something crazy. Though they might not have been on the same warpath, they had similar vectors. Just watch how the enemies were driven before them!!!!! Whether it’s the online fitness community or off, your deadlifts and strength exercises will get the benefit of like-minded individuals pushing you.

3. Find what will make you stronger

For Conan, it was Crom. The god who had been with his people and was the master of steel. He looked to Crom for strength, and to grant him revenge, and it allowed him to continue after the impossible. For you, maybe it’s the God of commercial fitness equipment. Or the God of lifting chalk.

2. If it doesn’t work, discard it

Far more important than getting strength from Crom was what Conan vowed to do. Throw it away. If it doesn’t work, it’s no good. Far too many people sacrifice strength by holding onto broken ideas. To put it in the immortal lines of his prayer to Crom “ if you do not listen, the to hell with you!”

1. Move forward at all costs and pursue the Riddle of Steel

Most important than anything is that throughout the entire story; nothing stops the progress of Conan getting towards his goal. Even when it would seem hopeless, he gets better. That is the goal. Better should always be the goal.

And yes, you better hear the lamentations of the women.

About the author: you can visit Sean at his blog Invictus Vires.

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