Welcome To Strength Rules

by Kilo on July 2, 2010

This blog is about strength and how to get stronger. It is about the many people who test themselves in many different ways as they explore human potential. It is not for worshiping specific methods, ideologies, or people. It is a celebration of what makes strength training so fun and why people care about getting stronger.

On this blog, kettlebells are not better than barbells. Barbells are not better than clubbells. Gymnasts are not superior to people who tear cards or bend steel, and a handstand pushup is worth celebrating as much as a heavy deadlift.

There is only one rule: when you ask the questions…

  • How do I get stronger?
  • How do I get strong?
  • How do I get stronger calves?
  • How do I get stronger for baseball?
  • How do I get stronger wrists?
  • How do I become a stronger dancer?

…the question behind the question must be (and how can I make it fun?)

Welcome, friend. And for what it’s worth: you are stronger than you think.


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