Bill Kazmaier – Strongest Man Ever?

by Kilo on October 4, 2010

Every holiday it seems like I wind up on the couch watching the World’s Strongest Man competition. Even when they are repeats, I can sit there and watch hours of guys deadlifting and squatting cars, throwing giant logs around, doing overhead presses with safes on the end of axles, and cool stuff like that. Bill Kazmaier is usually a fixture at these events, although he no longer competes.

I’m a huge fan of Bill’s. His passion for all things weighty (pun!) is infectious. When he talks about how great the world of strength is, I believe him. It’s nice to see someone like Bill who is incredibly powerful, but is also charismatic and articulate, a great ambassador for anyone who just likes to throw heavy stuff around for fun.

Here is some film of Bill Kazmaier doing what he does. The log press is crazy. And of course, Thanksgiving is coming up, so it looks like there is another strongman marathon in my immediate future.

Who would have though that watching people deadlift heavy would never get old?


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