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by Kilo on November 23, 2010

adam glass

How would you like to be this happy?

Earthling, I have a message.

I need to tell you something right now.

You have a huge hole on your fitness program; it’s costing you pounds on your lifts and inches off your arms. This missing link is affecting your sports performance; your golf game, your bat control, your mat control and slows you down in everything you do.

There is no need to leave anything on the table, the time to reclaim what is yours is now!

I’m talking about grip and wrist strength. When was the last time you trained your fingers, thumb, hands, and wrist? Oh and before you say you squeezed a tennis ball last week, I mean real grip training-pinch lifting plates, crushing grippers, thick handle work, levering, tearing, bending. The kind of training that builds thick steel tendons in the hands and dense muscle tissue throughout the entire lower arm.

Haven’t lately? I understand. Grip training has unfortunately become a lost science in the modern fitness world. It’s not the easiest information to find, even now in the age of information. You see most trainers, even the very top fitness authorities just don’t know that much about hand and wrist strength.

To learn about hand and wrist strength I am going to send you to meet my friend Adam T Glass.

Adam is a competitive grip athlete and performing strongman. He is kind of out there. He doesn’t just lift weights like you and I, he bends steel bars with his hands, he rips decks of cards and phone books in half in a second. He twists horseshoes and lifts up hundreds of pounds with one finger. Adam owns the world record in the 2″ vertical bar deadlift with a 353 lbs pull at a body weight of 204lbs. He has closed the Ironmind Captain of Crush #3 (for many reps) and bent the famous Ironmind Red Nail. Not only all of that, but Adam has been acknowledged not only for his hand and wrist strength, but also for his teaching skills.

Look at your arms right now and imagine how they would look with an additional inch on them.

Adam has prepared several free videos for you on his page where he is going to teach you some things and inspire you to get started.

I want you to go there now, and get started. Just an extra 5-10 minutes per workout and you can add inches to your arms.

Go there and sign up, get the free videos, and get started.


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