Kendrick Farris Snatch Grip Deadlift

by Kilo on November 27, 2010

The snatch grip deadlift is something I have only started playing around with recently. If you want to see the opposite of playing around, that video up there is Kendrick Farris, Olympic weightlifter, pulling five reps with over 500 pounds.

The major difference is that the hands are so far out on the bar, versus the conventional deadlift pulling stance in which the hands are fairly close to the outside of the knees, or sumo style where the hands might be much closer together between the legs.

When I have tried the snatch grip deadlift it has cut the weight I am able to use drastically. At lockout the barbell is much higher up on the body than with other styles. I feel a very different sensation in the upper trapezius muscles with this technique.

Oh, did I mention that that Kendrick Farris is only 85 kilos in this video? So much lighter than mammoths like Anatoly Pisarenko. Incredible lifting.


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