Strongman Profile: Mariusz Pudzianowski

by Kilo on December 6, 2010

mariusz pudzianowskiThe first time I saw multiple World’s Strongest Man competition winner Mariusz Pudzianowski, I was trying not to fall asleep on a couch in Denver. It was in the aftermath of a holiday feast, although I can’t remember exactly which one. My parents had cable and of course, there was a marathon strongman competition going on. My eyelids slammed open as this crazy muscleman wearing a do-rag ran up into the camera and started pointing at me, hissing something that was meant to sound either enraged or seductive.

It intrigued me, that’s all I knew. This guy was so freaking muscular that he–well, it’s gotten common to say that a really muscular man looks like an action figure. This guy looked like the god of action figures. The one the Thundercats would all pray to if they got in trouble.

As they replayed the segment, I got the backstory and was able to tell what he was saying. Phil Pfister, an American, had beaten Mariusz by a not-largish margin in the competition the previous year. And now Mr. Pudzianowski had proved someone, or something, wrong. As he muttered and cursed, I caught the words, “But this year, this year…I show you!”

My sister-in-law walked through the room and shivered. “That’s what all the cab drivers in New York City are like.”

“Wait, what?” I said, but she was gone.

I knew that Mariusz Pudzianowski wouldn’t fit in a cab. Later on in the marathon I saw a clip of him running around with a car on his shoulders, his do-ragged head sticking out the top of the sun roof. Holy crap he was strong!

But of course, all of those guys are strong. This was the first time I sat through the entire marathon. I watched the Atlas Stones, car deadlifts, keg throws, giant musclemen holding up massive axes, the Fingal Fingers event, and more. Lots of grunting, lots of sweat, lots of military pressing safes overhead on an axle. I was thoroughly entertained, fascinated, and I knew that I did not want Mariusz to come beat me up.

Mariusz Pudzianowski in mma

This year the Polish giganticus got into mixed martial arts. I have been watching the UFC for a couple of years now and was very interested to see how he would fare. He would be stronger than all the fighters in the strength lifts, but would it matter at all? Would it matter in the ring that he could run around with a car on top of his shoulders?

Didn’t look like it. He got whipped by Tim Sylvia without much fanfare.

Later that year he fought Butterbean and beat him handily, but Butterbean is not in the UFC heavyweight division. I will be very curious to see how Pudzianowski progresses. It does make sense to me that if his technique and conditioning were at the levels of some of the top fighters, that his strength could make a huge difference, all other things being equal.

Mariusz the music man

Yes, that’s right. The man sings as well. I doubt we’ll see any high-stepping or Riverdancing from him, but this music video will show you another side of the strongman. It will also show you a lot of abs and unbuttoned shirts, but that is to be expected. If I looked like Mr. P, I might walk around in nothing but a top hat to hide my receding hairline.


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Bill Jones December 11, 2010 at 7:07 am

He is impressive! A friend of mine introduced me to him at the Arnold a few years ago. When you are around these guys you really feel small…as well as being pulled by their gravitational field.


Kilo December 13, 2010 at 10:29 am

Bill, do you know how tall he is?


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