Bruce Lee Videos – Strength Demonstrations

by Kilo on December 6, 2010

I could watch this stuff all day long. I have been a Bruce Lee fan for as long as I can remember. His martial arts, strength training passion, wisdom, and so on. I try my best not to quote him too much, because I think too often we get the idea that we’re wise if all we ever do is quote wise people.

But I’m a fan, through and through. If Bruce Lee was still alive today, I cannot even guess at how much stronger and more impressive he would have become. The Bruce Lee videos up above are incredibly inspiring to me. About one minute in I’m wanting to go to the gym and lift heavy.

the art of expressing the human body bruce leeAlso, if you have never read The Art of Expressing The Human Body by Bruce Lee, I highly recommend it! It has a ton of stuff about his workout routines in it, not that his routines are going to turn you into a martial arts master!


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