20 Lb to Kg – Conversions for Weight Lifters

by Kilo on December 7, 2010

kilogram weightsI recently picked up a bunch of used fitness equipment in the local classified ads. Some of the plates I picked up, however, are in the metric system. Kilograms. Rather than let this ruin my day, I decided that I’d learn how to calculate them as I went. Today for example, let’s take the example of 20 lb to kg. There are a couple of quick ways to figure it out.

1. A kilogram is roughly twice as much as a pound (it’s actually 2.2).  So 20 lbs/2 = 10 kilograms, more or less.

Unless you’re a real stickler and you want to know exactly how much you’re lifting, remember that a kilo is double a pound is a quick and dirty method.

2. Google: go to the search engine and type in 20 lb to kg. Press enter. Voila, here’s what you get at the top of the next page:

20 pounds = 9.0718474 kilograms

This would be extremely cumbersome except that just about everyone seems to have a phone with a calculator in it these days.

3. Just don’t.

The first time in 2009 that I maxed on my deadlift, the guy I was training with at the time loaded the bar for me. He wouldn’t tell me how much was on there, and yes, they were kilogram plates. So I pulled and pulled and I knew I must have deadlifted at least 390 from the way it felt. But then he told me that I had gone from 350, to 400 lbs, to 425, to 435.

So now I try not to worry about the actual weight. I try to make big jumps whenever I can and to ignore the small plates.

And one more thing for all you numbers-oriented types. I recently wrote a post about trying  a deadlift calculator. You might get a kick out of it.


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