Alexander Karelin Training

by Kilo on December 8, 2010

Alexander Karelin was an absolute beast of a Greco-Roman wrestler for Mother Russia. Besides having a seriously intimidating physique and facial expression–in my scared opinion–this is a strong, strong man. I’ve only wrestled for fun, but I used to watch our High School wrestling team practice while the basketball team shot free throws and breathed easily from a few steps away. I’m not wired that way.

I’ve seen a lot of Karelin’s videos from his stints in the Olympics. The way he is able to toss other large, strong men around is fun and frightening for me to see.  Similar to the Undertaker workout that you see every time he steps into the WWE ring, only without the pyrotechnics and scripted storylines.  It makes me realize how much trouble I’d be in if someone tough actually wanted to mess with me.

Please enjoy these two videos of Alexander Karelin training. See if you measure up! (I don’t)


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