The Undertaker Workout

by Kilo on December 8, 2010

Now, what you’re seeing in this ridiculous (but awesome) video is not the Undertaker workout, but the result of many, many strength training sessions in the gym. For all the orchestration and choreography of professional wrestling, these men are seriously strong in a lot of ways.

The choke slam on this large gent in the black singlet. Maybe I could do that if he jumped high enough to help me, and this certainly isn’t an unassisted lift on the video. But it always stuns me when I slow down and think about how strong you would have to be to pick another grown man up and throw him and spin around and all that jazz.

I’m fairly certain that your humble author could not pick that guy up, let alone Tombstone him with enough control not to kill him. The Undertaker is a huge man, and most professional wrestlers are extremely muscular these days. But there is strength that cannot be faked. No amount of practice means that you can actually hoist another guy up onto your shoulders or over your head. Unless you are practicing strength training and power development.

I used to love wrestling so much it hurt. You rule Undertaker!


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