Walmart Creatine Was Disgusting And Then Some

by Kilo on December 9, 2010

walmart creatine

sold at walmart, but this isn't the one

I’ve never been one to use a ton of supplements, although I went through a fairly impressionable period in my early 20s where I tried out more things than I–well, I wouldn’t do it again if I could go back, I’ll say that. But one supplement that I actually did see some good results with was creatine. I honestly cannot remember what brand I was using. It was whatever my dad was taking at the time and I just piggybacked on his stash.

This was before, to my knowledge, the appearance of creatine products that didn’t involve a loading phase. The loading phase back then involved several spoonfuls, several times a day, for a week. Then we would cut the dose back and get another two or three weeks use at the reduced dosage before having to cut back.

Like most men that age, I lifted for one reason–to get big muscles. And like most young men that age, I failed to do so. I didn’t lift heavy weights. I didn’t eat right. I wasn’t consistent with anything except my sweet, sweet, creatine. And still, I made some progress, and I do know that it helped. It reduced some of my soreness and it did make the muscles in my arms and chest–of course, the only areas I ever worked!–look fuller.

Fast forward until a couple of years ago. I made an impulse buy at Walmart. We were looking for something different but wound up in the health aisle. There, nestled between a bottle of stupid Lipo 6 stupid fat burner, was a bottle of really, really inexpensive creatine powder. It wasn’t the Six Star brand, but something a little homelier in a nondescript container.

I took it home, mixed it up, tried to swallow it, and threw the entire bottle away. These powders aren’t like protein shakes. Being able to simply ingest them is not really supposed to be an issue or a test of fortitude. I couldn’t do it, so I say to you: buyer beware, and don’t be afraid to ask for a refund if you try and fail, as I did.

No, I’m not going to recommend a better, tastier brand. I just want to do you a favor and protect your tongue from rotting off the second that lovely Walmart creatine passes behind your teeth.


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