World’s Strongest Boy?

by Kilo on December 16, 2010

This really made me smile when I found it. I have no idea if 11 year old Richard Sandrak, also known as Little Hercules,  is actually the World’s Strongest Boy, but I imagine he’s definitely in the running. Anyway, you could probably play fast and loose with the word “boy” and come up with quite a range of acceptable ages.

According to IMDB he was bench pressing 210 pounds by age 8.

This clip is apparently from an “observational film” that follows Richard’s dreams of becoming an action hero. I had the same dream myself at a similar age, but I’m not sure I could have done anything about it in terms of molding my physique like he has at such an early age. I was literally skin and bones and I suspect that if I had increased my calories by about 10,000/day, my bones would have managed to grow while I still failed to build any muscle.

He’s got an acting credit for Little Hercules in 3D, and something called The Legends of Nethiah which is coming up on 2011.

Little Hercules in 3D appears to be getting panned drastically by online critics. I suspect those critics couldn’t bench press 210.


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