Weightlifter Prolapse – Fact or Fiction?

by Kilo on December 17, 2010

burst blood vessel in eyeFirst of all – no images of the prolapse here for this post. Blech.

Second of all, in order to lend an air of respectability to a lurid post, here’s the definition of prolapse from the venerable Oxford English Dictionary:

Of an organ or part: to slip out of place, usually downwards or outwards, often so as to protrude through a body orifice. Of a person or animal: to suffer such a displacement.

A weightlifter prolapse is when someone is straining against a weight so hard, say the barbell back squat, that the pressure is too great and their insides blow out. You can probably picture what I’m talking about.

I have done heavy squats, heavy to the point of quivering and having blood vessels in my eyes burst, but no, I’ve never come that close. But does anyone actually come that close? Does this actually happen?

Snopes investigated a photo that allegedly showed a powerlifter in the disgusting aftermath of this very situation. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Do any of you know if there are any instances of this actually happening? I’ve heard about it a lot but don’t really have the facts. no photos please.

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