How To Do A Handstand And Stay Up

by Kilo on December 19, 2010

I started experimenting with handstands back in April of 2010 at Brad Nelson’s gym in Minneapolis. Logan Christopher was there, who I knew through his websites, Legendary Strength and The Lost Art of Hand Balancing. It was great to be able to ask him questions about all this stuff, and he’s provided a great tutorial in the video above.

Logan is a passionate physical culturist and an incredible kettlebell  juggler. He also has some of the strongest hair in the world.

He can do a whole lot of things up on his hands that I can currently only dream of. So far I’ve been working on increasing my capacity to simply hold a handstand against the wall. Once I got to where I could stay up for about 90 seconds, I started practicing kicking up and trying to balance without the wall.

It’s getting there, but enough about me. Who among you geniuses can do a handstand and hold it? Any tips for us awkward stumblers?


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