Valery Fedorenko 130 Jerks with 70 Pound Kettlebells

by Kilo on December 20, 2010

Valery Fedorenko is really strong. Kettlebell jerks are not easy at high volume, and doing it with two 70 pound kettlebells is no laughing matter. I’ve played around with long cycle up to the 40 kilogram bells, but not at high reps. In fact, with the double 32 kg kettlebells, I’ve never hit more than 20 reps in the clean and jerk long cycle. I also have not dedicated myself to strict Girevoy Sport training, but I feel like I’ve done enough to be in awe of what Coach Fedorenko is able to do.

I just like to do too many other things. I suppose I lack the discipline of a champion! Oh well, I can still watch the videos and say “whoa!”

Heavy kettlebell lifting is not for the faint of heart.


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