Stronger Grip T Bomb

by Kilo on December 21, 2010

stronger grip t bombMy first chance to try the Stronger Grip T Bomb was when I was in Minot in 2009 training with Adam Glass. His gym was full of just as much grip equipment as you’d expect. One of the m0re fun tools I got to use while I was there was the T Bomb. It’s basically just a handle that you can load weights onto, but as you can see, instead of gripping a one or two inch bar at the top, your grip has to work to hold onto the ball.

I think the version Adam had was a 3″ version, and my hands are so big that it was a little too easy for me. I was mainly using it for swings while I was there. Holding onto the top of the T Bomb is a lot more challenging to the grip than grabbing or hooking a kettlebell handle while doing swings.

Lots of fun, and of course it is very high quality as always from Mr. Ryan Pitts.


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