Ed Coan Deadlift Routine

by Kilo on December 26, 2010

ed coan deadlift

854 pounds at 198 pounds bodyweight

Perhaps I should have prefaced this post with Ed Coan’s Alleged Deadlift routine. The only reason I say that is because when I jumped into this program a few years ago it was just one more thing on the Internet that I accepted as gospel just because it had a big name attached to it.Whether he did it or not has nothing to do with whether he was an unbelievable deadlifter. Take a look at the picture over there. That is a man who is not joking around.

You can find the program that Coan developed for Mark Phillip here.

I went through three cycles of this deadlift program without missing a workout. I picked up a couple of nagging injuries but made decent progress on my deadlift. At the time I was actually pretty afraid of this lift because of other things I heard on the Internet that I also assumed were true. In other words, the deadlift is dangerous.


Following this program didn’t make me lift like Ed Coan, because honestly,  what would? It did get me over my fear of deadlifting and, to take it a step further, was largely responsible for my current deadlift addiction.

If you try this, be careful. Don’t think you have to obey some spreadsheet out there on the web.


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