Yusuke Kawaguchi – Judo is Awesome

by Kilo on December 28, 2010

yusuke kawaguchi

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I had to put this in here because I think Judo is really, really cool. My brother in law got me into mixed martial arts (watching, not fighting) a couple of years ago and I was soon hooked. I don’t care too much about the sport, but the sport is full of stories. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good story.

Unless it’s watching a good story that culminates in some sick judo throws. I don’t know why I like watching judo so much. Maybe it’s just because when I see it it looks so unlike much of what I see in the Octagon.

Anyways, this was going to be about Yusuke Kawagachi, because when I have seen him fight, I’ve always enjoyed his judo skills. Also, judo player is a pretty awesome job description. I also think that his title of DEEP Megaton champion is hilarious. I wish I had that on my resume for my next library job.

Of course, Yusuki got whipped when he was introduced to the lackluster school of Mariusz Pudzianowski mma. Of course, if you read through the comments on their youtube videos, it appears that both of their skillsets are held in fairly low esteem, so what do I know?

Anyway, Judo. I like it.


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