Herculean, A Definition, starring Phil Pfister

by Kilo on December 28, 2010

Herculean is a word that I hear a lot in the strength world. John McCallum trotted it out in the Complete Keys To Progress like he was being sponsored by the word. I know, that doesn’t really make sense, but he said it a lot.

Herculean essentially means “like Hercules.” Hercules was a demi-god who was really strong, really muscular, and probably had a great tan.

I would submit this video of Phil Pfister from the 2009 Arnold Strongman. He’s lifting what are called Circus Dumbbells. This particular bell weighs 202 lbs and has a 3″ handle. That is no joke.

Phil Pfister may not be built like a bodybuilder, and he may not have the tan, but he fits the Herculean definition as well as anything else I can find. I can’t imagine what it even feels like to clean a 200 + pound dumbbell.


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