Neck Strength: Headstrap Fit For Hercules Review

by Kilo on January 1, 2011

On Christmas morning I took out the Ironmind Headstrap Fit For Hercules (how’s that for a non-catchy product name?) and put it on my head. My brother frowned and said, “That doesn’t make you look very smart.” Hmm…I got up and looked in the mirror. It was hard to argue with him. Still, I believed that it would do what it promised. That is, make my neck bigger and stronger, just like most librarians want.

I first heard of this strap from Mike “The Machine” Bruce, owner of the world’s strongest neck. He said it was high quality and could be loaded quite heavy. Note–heavy for the neck is a very different weight than heavy for the deadlift.

No surprises there. I own Ironmind’s hip squat belt, a few Captains of Crush grippers, a loading pin, and a Rolling Thunder handle, and they’ve all been great quality. I’ve never had any trouble with the company either, although I know people who will no longer buy from them, but I don’t know any specifics.

So, now I’ve had a few days to play around with it. Here’s a picture of the headstrap. headstrap fit for herculesStunning, yes? Well, no. But it does what it promises. You put the strap over your head, put some weights on, and then move your neck through various planes of movement. I’ve had to start with no more than 25 lbs and I start wearing out at 7 or 8 reps. Mike Bruce’s neck feats just got a lot more impressive to me now that I’ve got a better idea of what he can do.

I cannot recommend wearing this strap in public or when you are cruising for dates. My wife can barely look at me when I’m wearing it. It’s true. I look really dumb. But I don’t care. I’ve been having some issues with rib instability because of the crappy chairs at the library. My posture has finally caught up with me. My point is, the beginning of 2011 is going to neck and grip heavy, so I’ll have lots of updates on this scintillating piece of fashion wear.


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frank January 1, 2011 at 1:28 pm

awesome gift josh. I bought mine about a year ago and i love it. I had a leather one and i did’t like it at all. thats funny my wife says the same thing,LOL. It helps big time with posure. My head is often looking down all day at work and this helps a great deal.


Darryl Lardizabal January 1, 2011 at 4:59 pm

I have the first generation of this without the sides part of the side to side neck exercises.

For some reason even at lighter weights my neck would just get achey and sore. Although at the time I didn’t know Gym Movement either.

I’m probably getting a banded version, as I’m trying to increase my Range of Motion as well.

I’ll let you know how that one fairs for me.

I don’t have my ironmind anymore either, sad to say.

Anyway let me know how the review goes with the weights.



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