Ivanko Gripper – Have Any of You Used It?

by Kilo on January 1, 2011

ivanko gripper

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The Ivanko gripper is a weird-looking gadget that supposedly has a lot of advantages over normal grippers like the Captains of Crush line. Adam Glass mentions one briefly in his Industrial Strength Grip DVD, but I have not personally talked to anyone who has used one. I’ve heard that it is great. I’ve heard that it is crap. The mind reels. The head spins. Or maybe not. Still, I would like to know if anyone has any experience with this thingy.

It is supposed to have a huge range of resistance levels, which would certainly cut down on the need to buy a zillion heavy grippers as you gained strength.

I recently got a David Horne Vulcan Gripper, which I’m very happy with. I can’t imagine that this has any substantial advantages over that, but maybe it’s a case of “same but different.” Anyway, I will turn it over to you for now. Thoughts?


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Piers McCarney January 1, 2011 at 9:02 pm

I puchased a “Super Gripper” from Kettlebells.com.au a couple years back and I believe it to be the same item.
I have very mixed thoughts on the Super Gripper. I think Adam said something to me about work with it not transferring well to certification on any other torsion spring grippers. I haven’t had a chance to test myself on any CoCs or the like, but I suspect he’s correct (in my case at least).
However, I have had a lot of fun using it and my hands have definitely got stronger, with more muscular\dense forearms.
I think the biggest difference to torsions is that the point of stress on the fingers must be closer to the fingertips to facilitate a full close (sound of contact). This is my guess having not played with heavy torsions. This MAY create better transfer to activities where the grip must be used in a more open fashion (ie. Grabbing an arm when grappling) due to the size of the object, but it’s a big maybe.

A big plus is the cost. Mine was only about $40 inc shipping, much cheaper than getting a Vulcan from the UK. That said, I’m still dreaming of a Vulcan to play with!


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