How To Do A Dumbbell Deadlift With No Shirt On

by Kilo on January 6, 2011

This made me smile. I haven’t done much of the old dumbbell deadlift myself, but it looks like the steps are:

1. Take your shirt off

2. Use any reason you can think of to flex your arm and point at something while your biceps bulge

3. Use very light dumbbells

Whenever I don’t pull using a barbell, kettlebells are my preference. The handles make them easy to grasp and I can knock out a ton of reps with two 48 kilo kettlebells in a hurry.

But I do it with my shirt on. No, I don’t look as good as he does doing it, but my mom says I’m handsome. I’m sure this fine gentleman Mr. Magnusson did most of his training without a shirt while he was prepping for his world record deadlift.

So there you have it: dumbbell deadlifts, laying it all on the line!

Fingers crossed for an updated video on the Romanian deadlift.


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Patrick Tracy January 7, 2011 at 11:00 am

I couldn’t keep a straight face doing deadlifts with twenty pound dumbbells. This is clearly meant to be absurdist humor.


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