World Record Shot Put

by Kilo on January 6, 2011

At a recent family reunion we had a shot put contest. I had never thrown one before and it was about as awkward as anything I’d ever tried. I did win, though. I think. Or maybe we all lost. We stunk. Anyway, here’s Randy Barnes with a world record shot put in 2007 at UCLA.

I didn’t know this but there are records for indoor and outdoor shot put.

That is some serious spinning. And it made me laugh, one of the comments on the youtube video is “He is shot putting farther than I can throw a discus.” In fairness, it’s apparently made by a 13 year old, although for all I know I can’t throw a discus any farther than I can heavy a shot put.

I wonder how often shot put records get broken, compared to other sports…


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Patrick Tracy January 7, 2011 at 11:05 am

I threw the shot in high school. I could never get the hang of the spin. The ring is surprisingly small. The spin allows for a lot of “wind up” in the midsection, but I think that the slide technique allows for better leg drive. Both have been successful through the years. The first time people throw the shot, it’s usually pretty clumsy. There’s a lot of sore ears and tweaked fingers. Tall guys have a bit of advantage, though, as their point of release may be several inches higher, thus giving the shot more carry.


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