Mikhail Koklyaev Weight Lifting – Just Watch This

by Kilo on January 7, 2011

How often do you get to see a standing ovation in a place littered with weights and kettlebells? This is Mikhail Koklaev at the Glasgow Palace of Arts doing some of the most insane weight lifting I have ever seen. These are some seriously heavy jerks, squats without hands (which I had never seen before), some 800+ pound deadlifting, and some barbell snatches.

And unlike our friend from the dumbbell deadlift video, Mikhail doesn’t take his shirt off until he’s snatching 420.

Oh, and he does all of this within the space of two hours. Absolutely incredible.When they all start cheering at the end I nearly found myself standing up to clap.


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p January 10, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Not only is Koklyaev hoisting weight like most of us only dream of, he is also obviously enjoying himself. Bravo.


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