Lifting The Inver Stone

by Kilo on January 8, 2011

I’ve got stones on the brain. Specifically, the “manhood stone” from Scotland. My parents just moved to Europe and I’ll be visiting several times over the next three years. This might be just the time to start stone training seriously.

These big rocks just sit around waiting for someone foolish enough (or strong enough) to come along and try to lift them.

The Inver stone is a pretty serious piece of weight. Apparently it’s almost perfectly spherical and weights 268 pounds. The goal is to put it over your head. Like this stout gentleman Andy Cairney in the video up above.

He was only the fourth man (Bill Kazmaier was another) to press it out, and his lockout never looked like it was in doubt.

My gym just got Atlas stones, and I know a guy who can mold more and heavier ones. I think it’s time for a new goal. Or several. There are a surprising amount of these stones out there, which you can read about in Of Stones and Strength by Steve Jeck.

And if you’d like to see more stone lifting, please check out the post I wrote about the Dinnie Stones of Potarch.


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