Frank Zane Today

by Kilo on January 11, 2011

Frank Zane Age 64

Click to Visit Frank's website

A couple of posts ago I took a look at Frank Zane as a bodybuilder in the 1980s. I got curious and wanted to find out what he’s up to today, and of course, what he looks like. Here’s a picture of Frank (from his website) in 2007, which is “Frank Zane Today” enough for me.

This is Mr. Zane at age 64, looking more muscular than most 25 year old men I know.

I’ve really enjoyed browsing through his website for the last couple of days. He is genuinely passionate about physical culture and health, and I’m happy to see that he still makes appearances.

At age 64 I think I might look more like Skeletor than this guy. Although, now that I think of it, everyone on He-Man had huge muscles.


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