The Single Leg Deadlift

by Kilo on January 18, 2011

single leg deadliftThe single leg deadlift has been the bane of my existence since the first time I tried it a couple of years ago. My feet ever badly and it makes me feel so stupidly clumsy that this movement is an ego-killer. That’s also why I’m working on it as often as it tests well.

I recently saw Max Shank mention that he was hitting some big weight with this deadlift variation. Before that it had never occurred to me that people might train it heavy, particularly since I’m still working on my balance with two 12 kg kettlebells when I do it. But sure enough, there are people getting pretty strong deadlifting off one leg. Here’s an example of a stout gent pulling 276 pounds.

Anyone here working on this?


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brian January 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

I’ve been working on the SDL for a little while now. A friend recommended it to me in the fall when I mentioned I thought I had some hip imbalance. I tried it a few times, then moved on to other things.

I came back to it when I found long swing sessions made my right hip super tight. That was 2 weeks ago. I upped the weight (from 16 kg to 24kg) and have found that my right glute is much weaker than the left.

I’m going to keep at it for a little while. I know I can pull more now (no 275, that is for sure), but I like this weight as I can feel all the little muscles that weren’t being used correctly with double leg lifts, but I’m also not pushing myself too hard and can do other exercises, too.

I haven’t found much on the SDL, so I’ll be curious to hear about your progress.



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