Ronnie Coleman Tries A Heavy Gripper

by Kilo on January 22, 2011

Here is Ronnie Coleman trying to close an Ironmind gripper, the Captains of Crush #3. The #3 is a huge milestone and there are plenty of very strong people out there who can’t do it. I read an interview with Dennis Rogers once where he said he’d never closed one. I’m sure he never trained one consistently either.

Still, I’ve had my hands on a few #3 grippers, and I’m still impressed that Ronnie can move it as much as he can. It’s true that closing a #3 “almost” all the way means very little, but I’ve also seen grown men who can’t even make the handles move or close the 3 with both hands.


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Kris Wragg January 24, 2011 at 7:05 am

I have no doubt that if someone had shown him how to set a gripper properly he would have closed it fully with no trouble.

To no set close it the way he did, with it put haphazardly in his hand shows he has immense hand strength.


Patrick Tracy January 24, 2011 at 2:02 pm

I’m of the same opinion as Kris. If he practiced a little, he’d be able to close the #3, maybe the 3.5, even. This is from a guy who probably never trains his grip specifically. I’ve got #3s, and they’re wicked. I’m still quite some distance from anything resembling a close. I don’t think anyone who’s seen King Ronnie work out would say he wasn’t strong. Anyone who can pull 800 plus is automatically exempted from that conversation.


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