Hook Grip Demonstration

by Kilo on February 2, 2011

Since December I’ve been doing a lot of barbell power cleans and clean and jerks. I’ve also played around with the barbell snatch but it still feels really awkward for me. One of the results of all of this is that I’ve been experimenting with the hook grip, which I had seen but never tried.

I like it, sometimes, although I do a lot of grip work, so whenever I can avoid the hook grip, I usually do. If I can hold onto a bar normally, I probably will.

As you’ll see in the video above, using a hook grip is performed by placing the thumb on the inside of the index and middle fingers, rather than on the outside where it usually rests on the knuckles of the fingers that are proximal to the fingernails.

hook gripIt generally allows for more weight to be held because more fingers are helping out, from positions of stronger grip.


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