Forearm and Pinch strength – 81.5 pound Blob lift

by Kilo on February 5, 2011

If you’ve never heard of The Blob, it’s a grip strength toy made from one half of a dumbbell. I’ve seen a lot of replicas, but the standard seems to be the old York dumbbell blobs, if you can get a hold of one. They have rounded edges which makes them even harder to squeeze.

york blobI’ve been able to play around with a 35 lb blob and it’s a tremendous workout for the pinch portion of grip strength, and a good forearm developer. And of course if you were strong enough you could do a lot of different things once you can actually get air under one.

In this video you see Wade Gillingham lifting an incredible 81.5 pounds on a blob. I’m not sure what the record is, but this is the heaviest I can remember seeing.


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