Flex Wheeler – Martial Artist and Bodybuilder

by Kilo on February 5, 2011

I never knew much about Flex Wheeler outside of the pictures in the bodybuilding rags. Pictures like this:

flex wheeler

That is a serious V taper. His waist looks like it’s about 10″ around, and his shoulders like they’re about 230″. While doing a bit of research about Flex I was interested to see that he studied martial arts as a child and thought of himsef as a martial artist first, a bodybuilder second.

It also made me laugh to read that he was considered “arrogant and overconfident” according to my old girl Wikipedia. I have a hard time picturing a bodybuilder looking like this and not feeling a little overconfident. Although of course, there are always those who say that bodybuilding is just a bunch of narcissists and insecure men parading around.

Whoever is right, that is one gigantic man. I bet Frank Zane would look like a dwarf next to him.


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