Kettlebell Exercises For Women

by Kilo on February 8, 2011

woman with kettlebellI was recently asked what the best kettlebell exercises for women are. I had one answer and one question. The question was: “What are your goals?”

My answer was, they’re the same exercises for men and women, save for some possible changes in order for women to avoid their breast tissue during movements like the clean, where a man might typically bring the bell to a rack in the center of the chest.

So here are good kettlebell exercises for both men and women, assuming they have goals that require kb use. For instance, they love using kbs more than anything else, or they want to compete in kettlebell lifting.

When I laid this out, the person squinted and said “But what about for women?” This is backwards thinking. I know far too many women who are terrified to touch any weight they believe is heavy.


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Patrick Tracy February 8, 2011 at 6:00 pm

It’s so sad that, because women have seen pro female bodybuilders, they are afraid that they’ll suddenly look like Vin Diesel if they lift heavy. It is quite possible that women, being more likely than men to suffer from osteoporosis, have even more to gain from big, heavy, compound lifts. The idea that women need entirely different routines is so prevalent that trying to disprove it is sort of like spitting into the wind. That said, I totally agree with your thinking. Beginning female lifters, just like their male counterparts, would be best served by going with simple strength moves to begin with. Squat, deadlift, clean, overhead press, etc.

I recently watched the “Starting Strength” video by Mark Rippetoe, and was so impressed that he had his female trainees pulling 200+ without incident, just as soon as their form was up to it. That sort of lifting will really cause global body changes, as opposed to five pound arm curls, which tend to do nothing but create the illusion of exercise.


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