Using An Ab Roller

by Kilo on February 9, 2011

I bought an ab roller off of a home shopping channel once. It is the only time I’ve ever gotten out my credit card and ordered something from an infomercial, although I think they’re hilarious to watch. I especially enjoy the Magic Bullet and the Fish Pen.

But I also like my ab roller, which I still use a lot, 10 years later. It is one of the few times where a gadget gave me exactly what it promised. Simple to use, as challenging as I want to make it, and inexpensive.

ab rollerI use it like the guy in the video, but with very low reps. The roller was what taught me to contract the muscles really hard, and that a few reps with a serious contract could do as much for strength and muscle as a million little crunches. And I should mention that I don’t do a ton of dedicated ab work. Heavy deadlifts and several kettlebell exercises seem to be enough for the most part, but sometimes I still love to roll around on this thing when it is testing well.

Anybody here using one? Any tips, suggestions, or variations that you have loved?


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