The Unwritten Rule of Crossfit?

by Kilo on February 23, 2011

shiveringI’ve been teaching kettlebell classes in a Crossfit Gym for almost two years now, although I do not do the Crossfit workouts. In the last 22 months I’ve seen patterns emerge. People get hurt. Hands get skinned. Women lean out like crazy and look fantastic. Men overestimate themselves. Puking gets praised.

Normally I see these trends after only one or two instances, but I noticed something new last night that I’ve never really paid attention to. Keep in mind that this was February 22 and it’s been a pretty cold winter for Salt Lake City.

When the brief workout of the day was over–it took about 12 minutes–just about everyone hung out in the gym for the next half hour or so. This is typical. However, all of the men had taken their shirts off and left them off…long after the heat the workout had generated had faded. Not kidding: guys sitting around shivering, but determined that everyone see their bare torsos.

I even saw one guy walk back over to the bucket and chalk his hands up again. I don’t know why. The workout was over and he didn’t do anything else besides not have a shirt on.

And now I wonder if there’s something I have missed. Is this part of the protocol?Is this what the spam emails refer to as SUPAH HARDCORE!!!


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Heidi Novak February 24, 2011 at 10:19 am

Nice observation! I couldn’t agree more – too many get wrapped up in the image thing.


Kilo February 25, 2011 at 11:32 am

No doubt, Heidi. Thanks for stopping by.


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