The Dave Draper Workout

by Kilo on March 18, 2011

brother iron sister steelI have been a fan of Dave Draper for years. My first exposure to his writing was during the earliest stages of my interest in weights when my primary interest was in bodybuilding. So of course I went looking for the Dave Draper workout so I could eventually look just like him. If you could see me right now you’d laugh at my ambitions. I don’t look bad, but Dave in his 60s is still about three times as muscular as I am right now at 33.

I was lucky enough to meet Laree Draper, Dave’s wife, at the Iron Online Bash here in Salt Lake City a couple of years ago. That was also where I met Dan John. A great weekend.

Back to the workout. Rather than write a list of numbers and reps and sets and exercises that you can probably approximate on your own, I’ll just point you to one of my favorite strength training/bodybuilding books of all time: Brother Iron, Sister Steel, by Mr. Draper.

His writing is wonderful, his attitude about life is infectious, and his passion for all things strength and bodybuilding is demonstrated in every single paragraph. If you haven’t read it yet, I think it’s worth the time of any students or fans of the Iron Game.



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